Publik is a well-renowned PR- and communications consultancy based in Stockholm.

Our credo is “understandability”, we even present an annual award to a public figure that has excelled in communicating in a clear, concise and effective manner*.

Publik has three main business areas:

– Strategic Communications Consulting, Crisis Management

– PR, Campaign, Content & Production

– Media Training and Education

We believe in the strength of effective communication and aim to be the best possible consultants for our clients. We have been referred to as “strategic doers”, which we don’t mind. There is no quality without hard work, dedication and attention to details from beginning to end.

Publik is one of a handful of agencies with a collective agreement. We are currently hiring and also wish to establish new relations with freelance consultants and other agencies in the trade.

* Our mission and a key success factor is BEGRIPLIGHET (Swedish); i.e. the importance of delivering a clear and concise message in an understandable manner. We strive to eliminate “beating around the bush” and we’re especially allergic to “Corporate Bullshit”. Publik annually presents an award to a public figure that has succeeded in clear and concise communication (Begriplighetspriset).

For international inquiries, please contact:

Mikael Kärrlander
Managing Partner, Chairman
+46 709 667 000