Publik was founded in 2004 by five seasoned journalists. We are a small, but well-renowned communications agency based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our credo is begriplighet which roughly means “with clarity” in Swedish. We present an annual award – Begriplighetspriset – to a public figure who has excelled in communicating a complex question in a clear, concise and down-to-earth manner.

Publik has three main areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Communications and Crisis Management
  • Public Relations and Content Production
  • Media Training and Education

We believe in the strength of effective communication and aim to be the best possible consultants for our clients. We have been referred to as “strategic doers”, which we don’t mind. There is no quality without hard work, dedication and attention to details from beginning to end.

Publik is one of a handful of Swedish agencies with a collective union agreement and has a clientele comprised of both commercial enterprises and public authorities.

For international inquiries, please contact:

Alexandra Carmback, CEO
+46 8 22 23 23